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The Blog’s Beginning

April 7, 2010

Accommodating children with special needs brings new blessings and first time experiences for many churches.  Faith communities are clamoring for guidance as they navigate what is largely unchartered territory for the corporate church.  In an effort to address real questions in children’s ministries,  the blog was born.  The goal is to share nuggets of insight and best practices gleaned from individuals experienced in disability ministry as well as secular professionals in the special needs community.

Most of the April 2010 launch posts are answers to questions posed to Amy Fenton Lee by children’s ministers attending the workshops she led at the March 2010 National Children’s Pastor’s Conference in San Diego, CA.

See The Premise of the Inclusive Church Blog for more on the background of the blog and the audience for which the content is developed.

For special needs statistics, see the post Just the Facts!  Special Needs Statistics.

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  1. Hi folks,
    Great work!
    Our non-profit is a ministry to families of children with special needs with an emphasis on family preservation via respite and adventure. We have some great ideas and programs that make integrations possible as well. One of our efforts, work with in Boston, MA has resulted in resources nationally of care providers for special needs.
    I agree fully with your etiquette suggestions and have other ideas you might like to share. Also, Joni & Friends is available nationally and well equipped to visit churches will presentations and trainings to ‘get started’ on welcoming and accomodating families of children with special needs. Let’s get/keep a dialogue going!
    Louise, Exec. Dir. of TLC
    p.s. you can read a bit about our families history under the history tab on the “message from the founders” page.
    p.s.s. Do you and your fellow founder have children with special needs?

  2. If anyone wishes to view the resources of, please enter The LaChris Connection’s website go to resources and then If you’re looking for care providers who serve special needs click on that prompt.
    Best wishes in finding resources!

  3. Amy,
    As you probably know, Joni and Friends hosted a wonderful wheelchair building service project at both 2010 National Children’s Pastors Conferences. In Nashville, 90 children’s leaders built 50 pediatric wheelchairs while learning more about ministering to children and family affected by disabilities. They also asked great questions. Thanks for creating this new blog to help answer some of their concerns. If I can ever be o service to you, please contact me through Joni and Friends. I am the Manager of Curriculum Development for the Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability. May God rchly bless your ministry. Pat Verbal

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