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Writer’s Guidelines

April 7, 2010

The Inclusive Church

Helping Churches Successfully Include Children with Special needs

Writer’s Guidelines

  • Ideal posts are under 750 words.  For posts longer than 1000 words, consider breaking the content into a part 1 and part 2 with a natural separation for each post.
  • External links to documents are welcome – such as examples of policies & procedures, intake forms, consent to treat, confidentiality statements, ministry proposal outlines, behavior charts, visual schedules and other forms pertaining to special needs ministry.
  • Please keep sentences and paragraphs easily readable.  Use subtitles or headers at the top of paragraphs and bullet points as appropriate.
  • All submissions will be edited for word count reduction and clarity.  Any significant edits affecting content will be submitted back to the guest-poster for his/her approval before posting.  Well-written submissions requiring less editing will receive greater consideration for posts.
  • Posts are meant to offer “how to” informational help to the readers with concrete ideas and best practices for the church setting.
  • Make sure nothing is shared in the post that compromises any person’s or organization’s desired privacy or confidentiality.
  • Please confirm that your church or organization is okay with the submitted post, especially if they are referenced or mentioned in the article or your byline.  Once the submission is received, we will assume the post has been reviewed and cleared by any referenced organization(s).  We will not be responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or breach of confidentiality represented in a guest posts.
  • Please keep in mind that this blog is read by many people of various theological persuasions.  The blog’s goal is to help the corporate church and our target audience includes members of many denominations and beyond the borders of the United States. For more on the target audience and objective of this blog, see The Premise of the Inclusive Church Blog.
  • Please provide us a byline of 50 words or less and include your church, church location, proper title and any relevant credentials.
  • We love a good picture or graphic to include with posts!  However, when providing pictures, make sure no close faces are shown of children with special needs UNLESS the picture has been approved in writing by the children’s legal guardian(s).

Blog guest posts, ideas, comments and questions may be submitted to

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