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About Amy Fenton Lee

About Amy Fenton Lee:

Amy Fenton Lee is the author of Leading a Special Needs Ministry and has written extensively on the subject of special needs inclusion in the church. Through her interviews of church leaders, professionals serving the special needs community, and parents, Amy has developed a network of ministry-minded individuals passionate about inclusion of individuals with neurological differences. For three years and through 2014, Amy was the Director of Special Needs Initiatives for The reThink Group (Orange). During her time with Orange Amy created a conference track for special needs ministry leaders, piloted a modified curriculum for students with special needs, and produced two new resources to equip church leaders. In 2012 Amy served as the Special Needs Columnist for Children’s Ministry Magazine. Amy has presented workshops at a number of ministry conferences including:

The Orange Conference
The Orange Tour
The Illuminate Conference
Lifeway’s Kids Ministry Conference
Georgia Baptist Association of Christian Educators
Focus Children’s Ministry Leadership Conference
Southeastern Disability Expo -Exceptional Ed Events
The Children’s Pastors’ Conference
McLean Bible Church’s Accessibility Summit
Children’s Ministry Expo
Blown Away Conference (Canada)
Joni & Friends International Disability Center
BASS Church Workers Conference

Amy’s book, Leading a Special Needs Ministry:  A Practical Guide to Including Children and Loving Families (The reThink Group, 2013) is available through the Orange Store and on Amazon.

Amy’s workshop, Surviving to Thriving: Successfully Including the Child with Special Needs (The reThink Group, 2012) is available for purchase as a volunteer training DVD through the Orange Store.

In a previous life Amy was a certified public accountant with Ernst & Young and has degrees in accounting from Baylor University and The University of Alabama.  Currently, Amy lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia along with her husband and young son.