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Initiating Difficult Parent Conversations – Following Up

April 11, 2010

This post follows the previous post, Initiating Difficult Parent Conversations – Talking Points

When concluding a meeting with parents, define a time to reconvene for the purpose of assessing how the plan is working.   Remind parents that the process may take awhile.  Trial and error can be expected before the children’s ministry team gets it right.  Convey the church’s intention to invest in the child.  And enlist the parent’s support and active participation in moving forward.  Leave the discussion with an agreed upon action plan.  Then create a tangible map forward to reference in future parent discussions.  Keeping good notes and staying organized is important as periods of re-evaluation may be necessary.  In addition, it is often helpful to have good starting points recorded in order to benchmark progress.

  • Develop a list of follow-up steps that assigns responsibilities to ministry leaders, volunteer teachers and parents.
  • Communicate the follow up steps back to the parents.
  • Relay relevant information and assist the affected ministry team members and volunteers to incorporate any follow-up action steps pertaining to them.
  • Coach affected ministry team members and volunteers to journal changes, improvement and/or deterioration in the child’s participation.  Keeping notes during programming may reveal patterns and/or provide tangible examples for future discussion(s) with parents.

–          Jackie Mills-Fernald

Jackie Mills-Fernald is the Director of McLean Bible Church’s (McLean, VA)  Access Disability Ministry.

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