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Rules for Repost

We accept it as a wonderful compliment to see‘s content reappear on other websites, blogs, or publications in print. Unless otherwise noted, all content is researched and original to this website and the credited writer(s). In order to provide a legal and ethical way to share content, we respectfully request adherence to these reposting guidelines.

  1. Please properly credit any material reposted from this blog so that it would not be misinterpreted as original content researched, written, or produced by the reposting website or publication.  Please provide a visible link or hyperlink to the corresponding post from
  2. With proper credit, Reposts may include up to 150 words of text from a single post without requesting permission.
  3. If you desire to repost more than 150 words of a single post, email to request permission. Due to additional copyrights and contractual arrangements, accommodation is not always possible.
  4. To request permission to repost any graphics or pictures from, please email

Yes, please re-share links to this blog via social media! You are always welcome to post links to blog posts through websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We love finding incoming links and consider it a priviledge to help churches successfully include children with special needs.  – Amy Fenton Lee