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The Premise of “The Inclusive Church” Blog

It has been said “No one knows where you are going until they know where you have been”  and this may apply more to writing than any other aspect of life.  By sharing a little about my personal background and the premise of this blog, it may provide clarity for my goal with each blog post.  While the readers of this blog vary, the general intent  is to help churches. I am not a credentialed professional from the education or medical field. I am not the parent of a child with special needs. I am not on staff at a church.  I AM a children’s ministry volunteer, the daughter of a church pastor, a writer, and a passionate Christian who believes that the bride of Christ, the church, is still the most effective instrument for developing and discipling Christ followers. And out of my desire to equip churches, this blog was born.  This is the passion that fuels every post.

How I started…In late 2008 I interviewed a pediatric therapist from our local children’s hospital. I had an idea for writing a single article targeted to typical parents for how to better include a child with special needs in play groups, birthday parties, and neighborhood gatherings. That interview and the article that followed (which eventually ran in Atlanta Parent Magazine) would change the course of my writing focus and personal ministry for the months to come.

Since January 2009, at best guess I have interviewed and learned from the Children’s ministry staff or “special needs” champions associated with more than 40 churches, parents of nearly 100 children with special needs, and at least 30 credentialed professionals from the fields of special education, pediatric therapy or autism research. While many conversations and site visits have been documented, what follows below is not the product of scientific research. These observations are generalities and my “sense” as I reflect on hundreds of hours of interviews and onsite experiences over the past 18 months.

While not every observation above proves true with every church, it is from these assumptions that content for this blog is developed.

For special needs statistics, see the post Just the Facts! Special Needs Statistics.

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Amy Fenton Lee