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Interview Part 1 with “Another Piece of the Puzzle”

August 24, 2010

Today the blog, Another Piece of the Puzzle, has launched a two part post interviewing me (Amy Fenton Lee) about this resource, The Inclusive Church Blog.  Click here to see Part 1:

Another Piece of the Puzzle is a blog designed to raise awareness of the challenges facing parents and children dealing with autism and to serve as a resource for anyone affected by the disorder.  Trish, the writer behind Another Piece of the Puzzle, is the mother of a child with autism spectrum disorder.  Besides being a very gifted writer, Trish has become a well known and respected advocate for children with special needs.  It was no surprise when I learned that Trish was one of the original contributing writers to the popular website 5 minutes for Special Needs.

In the first post, Trish asked me the following questions regarding my personal views on special needs ministry:

1) How do you define an inclusive church for individuals with disabilities and their families? For example, does having a separate room available for children with special needs exclude a church from that category, in your opinion?

2) What do you find are the common needs of families who have a member with a disability in regards to their attendance and, going beyond that, their involvement at church?

3) How can the entire church body be involved in reaching out to individuals with disabilities and their families? What does it take to create a culture of acceptance and spiritual growth for “all who would come”?

In my response to the first set of questions, I share some great stories from Shades Mountain Baptist Church’s (Birmingham, AL) “Hand-in-Hand” special needs ministry.  Amy Kirby and the rest of SMBC’s  team of special needs champions have created one of the most successful and impactful inclusion ministries I’ve experienced.

To read Part 1 of my interview featured on Another Piece of the Puzzle, see:

To read Part 2 of my interview, featured on Another Piece of the Puzzle, see:

  1. Hey girl – it’s Katy Stafford Moore!! I saw your interview on Trish’s facebook today. What a small world. I have a special needs daughter and have written much about parenting her and how that relates to faith on my blog, although I’m writing less and less these days. It’s great to see that you are doing such good work on behalf of these kids!! LOVE you!!!

  2. Katy! So great to hear from you – I’m getting on your blog now and let’s connect. 🙂

  3. Great post. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best tool a parish has is education. Most people want to understand, but its not always easy to gain the needed perspective if you don’t live it every day. There are some great books like, There’s Something About Daniel by author Robyn Stecher, are great additions to the reading room.

  4. Kate – Thanks for posting the link to the book – I have seen “There’s Something About Daniel” recommended before (although I haven’t read it yet myself). I need more readers giving ideas for resources like this.

    On the blog’s facebook page I just posted a request for help finding books that can be read to a class of typical children preparing them for a classmate with special needs. Any recommendations here or on the Facebook page would be appreciated!

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