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Interview Part 2 with “Another Piece of the Puzzle”

August 25, 2010

Today the blog, Another Piece of the Puzzle, concluded a two part post interviewing me (Amy Fenton Lee) about this resource, The Inclusive Church Blog.

Another Piece of the Puzzle is a blog designed to raise awareness of the challenges facing parents and children dealing with autism and to serve as a resource for anyone affected by the disorder.  Trish, the writer behind Another Piece of the Puzzle, is the mother of a child with autism spectrum disorder.  Besides being a very gifted writer, Trish has become a well known and respected advocate for children with special needs.  It was no surprise when I learned that Trish was one of the original contributing writers to the popular website 5 minutes for Special Needs.

In the second post, Trish asked me the following questions:

4) What are some of your favorite resources for training and educating people who want to become directly involved in this area?

5) Finally, what would you say to a family who feels they are not welcomed or included at their church, despite their best efforts to communicate with the leadership about their situation and needs?

To read Part 1 of my interview featured on Another Piece of the Puzzle, see:

To read Part 2 of my interview, featured on Another Piece of the Puzzle, see:

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