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Good Finds! Picture Word Cards from Lifeway (FREE!)

November 9, 2010

For the next few posts I’m going to spotlight other information or products that may be useful for churches as they expand their special needs inclusion ministries.  We’ll call these posts “Good Finds!”

Today’s Good Finds! spotlights picture word cards similar to what you might find in an expensive symbol-based software package but available for free through Lifeway’s NING site.  These printables can be cut out and used to teach a Bible lesson, build a visual schedule or for use anytime kids need a visual to add to a printed word.  Typical children will often benefit from visual cards as well.

The cards are designed to compliment Lifeway’s Special Buddies Curriculum, however they are tremendously useful even without the curriculum. Each quarter, 8 of the cards are printed on the final page of the Special Buddies Learner Guide and can be copied and used with the Bible stories in that quarter. The Leader Guide gives specific suggestions for the use of each card, but they may be used in any appropriate way by leaders and throughout the year. For the first time, these symbols are now available online through Lifeway’s Special Buddies NING site.

I learned about the picture cards because I am a subscriber to the NING site.    Every church volunteer or staff person with an interest in special needs should join this FREE site!   See Special Buddies Curriculum by Lifeway blog post for more on Lifeway’s resources for special needs ministries.

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  1. Thanks for featuring us a a good find! We hope you’ll find more valuable resources from LifeWay!

  2. Just fyi…Lifeway has had to pull the Picture Word Cards off the site for some tweaking but will be re-loading them, a few at a time (some may be back up by tomorrow). Subscribe to the NING site if you want to get the notification as they are added back to the site. I have seen many of the cards – and they are fantastic!

  3. Just talked to Lifeway again today (11/17/10). They are still working on copyrighting and reloading the picture cards. Sorry they had to be pulled off the NING site! I have been assured by the Lifeway team that the cards WILL be returning to the website soon. Hang tight!

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