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Preparing for the Child with Food Allergies & Sensitivities

January 4, 2011

Until my sister and niece were diagnosed with Celiac Disease I didn’t understand how significantly a food allergy or food sensitivity could impact a person’s life.  The vast majority of churches include children with notable dietary restrictions.  In the past two years I have had at least one child participating in every children’s ministry setting I served in that had a life-threatening peanut allergy. While we often don’t consider food allergies as “special needs” in a traditional sense, the probability of having a child experience an anaphylaxis reaction is a risk management issue faced in virtually every church.  Karen Bransgrove wrote  an excellent article featured in The International Network of Children’s Ministry’s Insight E-Mag:  Allergy Alert.    Bransgrove shares some great tips for accommodating and protecting children with food allergies.  This is an especially important topic for churches that serve snacks in VBS!

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