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Special Needs Inclusion: Facilitate the Broader Church Conversation

January 17, 2011 is running my article:  Special Needs Inclusion:  Facilitate the Broader Church Conversation.

The point of the linked article is sharing that parents of children with special needs deeply desire connection in their church.  Yet Christians are no better than the average neighbor or friend at reaching out and engaging parents affected by special needs.  One of the most meaningful church environments I participated in was a Moms-n-More setting where we facilitated a discussion about autism.  Many “typical” moms in the room knew another family affected by autism.  Candidly, several mothers shared aloud that prior to our discussion they feared saying the wrong things and so sometimes avoided talking to and including these other parents in their social circles.  The discussion during our Moms-n-More meeting was really helpful for everyone.  I think the participants left feeling more confident in what to say and how to better engage their neighbors and friends who were processing special needs diagnoses for their children.

I would love to see your suggestions for ways churches can educate their membership.  How can a church facilitate the broader church conversation about special needs and disability?

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  1. Great thoughts Mike – I totally agree!

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