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Soliciting Volunteer Feedback

January 27, 2011

Few factors are more crucial to the success of a special needs ministry than the ability of the church to recruit, train, and keep volunteers.  Without a committed set of lay servants, disability accommodation is nearly impossible.  So part of my job (as an equipper) is to help churches find best practices related to serving and supporting their volunteer team.

Jenny Funderburke, Minister to Children at Westwood Church in Alabaster, AL, has come to be one of my favorite “resources” on all things volunteer.  Jenny is a frequent contributor to K! Magazine and also writes for her own KidMin Thoughts blog.  In her blog post earlier this week, Jenny talks about her church’s efforts to identify points of stress for volunteers in their preschool ministry.  Frankly, it takes a lot of guts for a church leader to solicit honest feedback from volunteers and open themselves up to vulnerable conversations.  But the rewards for humility can be great (possibly that sounds like something Biblical?)…and as Jenny shares, tangible improvements are enabled for the benefit of the volunteers and ultimately the ministry as a whole.

Hopefully you’ll gain some new ideas from Jenny’s writing on

Feedback and a Little Bribery

Identifying Points of Stress for Volunteers

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