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The Inclusive Church Blog and Facebook

February 25, 2011

I have come to discover that this blog has a number of loyal readers.  Sometime over this weekend we will hit the 40,000 mark…meaning that in a little over 10 months, The Inclusive Church Blog has received 40,000 onsite reader views.  This number does not count the syndicated views that each post receives (which would add considerably to that number).  Thank you to those of you who have spread the word about this free resource through personal emails, denominational news publications, and various organizational websites.  I love to find reposted excerpts of my posts with links back to this blog!  Through my blog’s dashboard I can see where many readers are coming from.  Every reader view gives me personal affirmation for this labor of love.

This blog has a number of email subscribers who clicked the “Sign me up” button (over to the right of blog’s home page).  The blog also links to my Twitter account so that every time I publish a new post,  a new Tweet is generated.  However, the majority of the readers come to the blog through Facebook referrals.  I publish a link to every new blog post through the Inclusive Church’s Facebook Fan Page.  The number of “shares” a post generates through Facebook often provides my best indicator for the material that readers most appreciate.

I have come to view The Inclusive Church’s Facebook Fan Page as an extension of the blog.  Oftentimes I become aware of an article on another website or blog, or perhaps a product that may be of interest to the blog’s readership.  Rather than always creating a new blog post, Facebook is a faster and easier way to publicize these resources.  I also appreciate it when Facebook followers post their own content to the Fan Page (links, ideas, etc).  In addition, I find that readers sometimes feel more comfortable giving a short comment about a post or quick “like” via Facebook whereas they might be more shy on the actual blog.  And I’ll make a confession…some of my best resources have been found through The Inclusive Church’s Facebook followers.  More than once I have seen a Facebook comment that indicated a follower was knowledgeable in an area where I was in need of a source.  Lastly, The Inclusive Church Fan Page can be a place for connection.  Special needs ministry has its own nuances and people serving the church can oftentimes benefit by connecting with each other.

If you want to receive a Facebook feed for this blog and participate in the discussion on Facebook, click the “Like” button for The Inclusive Church Blog’s Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. I found you through a facebook referral from my friend Gillian Marchenko! Love it!!

  2. Tara – I think I found you through Gillian as well. Go Gillian! Tara – You’r blog & daily newsletter are THE BEST!

  3. rhemashope permalink

    Hi Amy, thank you so much for this blog! It’s a wonderful resource and I refer people to it often.

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