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ParentLife Magazine – Win a Free Subscription!

March 9, 2011

I distinctly remember the first time I read an issue of ParentLife Magazine.  Shortly after the birth of my son, a friend who was a church children’s pastor sent me a new-parent goody bag.  Included in the gift bag was a recent issue of ParentLife Magazine.  Overwhelmed by the round-the-clock nursing schedule and other post delivery hiccups, personal recharge time was scarce for me.  For two weeks after I received the appreciated goody bag, I allowed myself just enough “me” time to read one article out of the ParentLife Magazine each night.  Now, exactly six years after those weary but memorable days, I’m still a regular reader and big fan of ParentLife Magazine.

Probably one of the greatest highlights of my writing career (if you can call it that…) came in the form of an email from the editor of ParentLife Magazine.  Having read some of my writing on special needs inclusion, ParentLife invited me to contribute to their online blog and in-print magazine.  Checkout my article “Talking about Differences” which ParentLife Online ran this past January.  Stay tuned for the September 2011 issue of ParentLife Magazine where I offer guidance on how to support a friend receiving a special needs diagnosis for their child.  I appreciate how ParentLife Magazine continues to address the wide range of special needs-related topics.

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect in each issue of ParentLife Magazine:

  • Respected Christian experts & professionals address everyday parenting challenges such as discipline, sibling conflict, and education struggles.
  • Inspiring stories from Christians living with authentic faith and real-life struggles.  (I cried reading about Emily Strickland’s story and the “Mending Hearts Farm” ministry in the March issue.)
  • Age-appropriate ideas and advice for parents who are expecting, parents with newborns, and then families that include children in the following age categories: 1-2 years, 3- 5 years, 6 -8 years, and 9 – 12 years.  Recognizing the increasingly important role of the extended family in a child’s life, the magazine also covers topics related to grandparenting.
  • A “LifeTruths” topic is offered in each issue which ties to both Lifeway’s Life Truths curriculum and their related parent2parent website.  This monthly feature can be a great discussion-starter for a church’s Sunday morning education or adult small group environments.
  • ParentLife knows that the family of 2011 deals with many issues we wouldn’t have considered “traditional” in the 1950’s.  Besides addressing topics we commonly think of as special needs (i.e. the February 2011 issue addressed autism), the magazine thoughtfully and practically covers life issues including divorce, single parenting, blended families, grief, and illness.

In celebration of the re-design of the ParentLife Magazine, the Lifeway team has graciously offered to provide one of my lucky readers a FREE full year’s subscription to the magazine.  Want to win? Offer a comment on this post and for each comment I’ll put your name in the hat to win the free subscription . Every comment = one chance to win.  You can comment once a day for five days (so comment five times if you REALLY want to win!).   I’ll draw a name and announce a winner this coming Monday, 3/14/11.

Not sure what to say in your comment?  Here are some ideas:

What was a favorite or memorable article you read in a ParentLife Magazine?

What topics would you like to see ParentLife Magazine address in future issues?

Is there a special needs-related topic you would like to see ParentLife Online or ParentLife Magazine talk about?

Does your church subscribe to ParentLife and offer free issues to attending families? **Bulk Rate Subscriptions are offered for churches**

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  1. Kirk Anderson permalink

    Great article!

  2. I love Parent Life!! They have so many wonderful things in each issue!

  3. Enter me, please! Pick me! Pick me! *grin*

  4. Jennifer permalink

    I love Parent Life! Would love a subscription!!!

  5. Becky b permalink

    I have never seen this magazine – would love to – sounds super!

  6. Beth Burden permalink

    I work in Children’s Ministries…I would love to get a free subscription to ParentLife.

  7. Yolanda Corral permalink

    I just feel so blessed to read anything that comes to me from this site. I often times would think how sad it was that alot of parents stop attending church because of the rejection of their child with “special needs”. I would think so…what our answer be when we stand in front of our Lord and have to admit that we didn’t encourage families that had a child with a disability to our church or bible study, vacation bible school, etc. because they distracted us and others. I read your articles and think “Thank you Jesus” that you are always in control to take care of the little ones!
    P.S. Do you have any part of your magazine or articles translated in spanish? Could I put an article in our local newspaper? Can it be translated? This is information that the families (spanish speaking) I work with would so appreciate! Thanks and God bless in the work you do/yolanda corral

  8. paschott permalink

    Our church doesn’t subscribe. I think we used to, but we’re a little budget crunched right now, even with a bulk subscription. A neighboring church does subscribe for their members and the magazine does look interesting. Would love to have a subscription for our own use.

  9. Gaye Kilpatrick permalink

    When my children were younger I read ParentLife all the time. Now that they are middle school and almost college I don’t read it anymore. Also, our church doesn’t get it. However, I do know a family in our church who could benefit from the magazine. I’m in charge of our children’s ministry at our church and would love to be able to pass this magazine on to a family who could use the tips it offers.

  10. Yolanda –

    Thank you for your sweet comments. You are welcome to run an article in your local newspaper about this resource. If you need additional information or want to obtain rights to a specific article written by me, contact me offline.

    This blog has readers from so many countries that I’ve lost count. We have a notable following in the UK and also several Spanish speaking countries. I don’t have a way to translate the content of the blog, but I think there are internet tools that can do this for you. I recently discovered that two of my posts were being translated into Mandarin.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your encouragement!

  11. Jessica permalink

    This is the first I have heard about this magazine. I have started a special needs ministry at my church and the parents have started a small group from this ministry. This magazine would be a wonderful addition for them to use for their discussions! Thanks for posting 🙂

  12. My first article appeared in ParentLife some years back. It’s a great publication. But, don’t pick me for the subscription. Pick a parent still raising kids at home.


  13. I would love to learn more about this mag. We are reworking how we care for our new mothers and this may be a great addition.

  14. Jon –

    Awhile back I wrote an article on doing a Cradle Care Ministry as a way of connecting with and ministering to expectant & new mothers:

    Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL has the most incredible Cradle Care Ministry. I think this outreach/inreach ministry has actually fueled the growth of the church to a large degree. It was their children’s pastor, Dawn Burgess, who sent me a new-parent goody bag from their Cradle Care Ministry. In every goody bag they include the most recent issue of ParentLife Magazine. That is how I became familiar with the magazine and I loved it!

    I hope this helps and good luck as your church considers such a ministry.

  15. Kathy Wellman permalink

    I would *love* a subscription to this fabulous magazine!

  16. Lea Keating permalink

    I’m new to this magazine, but checked out the website and would love to read more! =)

  17. Susan Williams permalink

    I love reading that your articles are being translated around the world – what a blessing!!!! Keep up the great work, Amy!

  18. Angie Lamb permalink

    ParentLife Magazine – I want to Win a Free Subscription!

  19. Angela Washington permalink

    Would love to win this – such a wonderful resource for parents of all ages!

  20. Andrea Nicholson permalink

    Love love love ParentLife!!! Such good advice and inspirational stories!!

  21. Amy, I also love ParentLife… no matter what stage of life I am with my kids, it always has something to offer.

  22. colleen groves permalink

    I would love to read this magazine. Our church does not offer this magazine. It is something we grapple with; having two nt children that may participate and our sn son may not. I would love more insight into this area for our family

  23. Susan Williams permalink

    Great article & give-a-way, Amy!!

  24. I don’t think I’ve ever read parent life before! Obviously they are great though if they have included you in their magazine 🙂 Not sure if it is available in Canada but if it is I’d like to win 🙂

  25. Tara – You are too cute! ParentLife needs to know about YOU (you are an awesome writer!). I am sure you can order the magazine in Canada. By the way, I’m getting a number of new readers and private emails from Canadian churches. My roommate at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference in Orlando was from Toronto (loved her!). 🙂

  26. Nina Ornt permalink

    This magazine sounds like a wonderful resource for anyone involved in children’s ministries. I would love to win a subscription and share it with our church staff.

  27. Nina Ornt permalink

    I would love to win a subscription. This sounds like a valuable resource for anyone involved in children’s ministries.

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