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Special Needs & The Future of Children’s Ministry

I am greatly honored to be one of the 20+ leaders from children’s ministry circles invited to contribute to the FREE resource, The Future of Children’s Ministry.  Greg Baird from put together the following team of kidmin leaders to provide insight on how we see children’s ministry changing and growing in the coming years:

Karl Bastian ~ Rick Chromey ~ Jonathan Cliff ~ Amy Dolan ~ Matt Guevara ~ Tina Houser ~ Dale Hudson ~ Mike Johnson ~ Tony Kummer ~ Sam Luce ~ Gina McClain ~ Matt McKee ~ Todd McKeever ~ Larry Shallenberger ~ Justyn Smith ~ Gordon & Becki West ~ Henry Zonio ~ Michael Chanley ~ Amy Fenton Lee ~ Roger Fields ~ Tim Shiels ~ Greg Baird

Check out this FREE PDF for my thoughts on the following issues: