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And the Winner is…

August 12, 2011

Check out the video announcement about the deserving winner of the FREE pass to Lifeway’s Kids Ministry Conference in Nashville, October 10th – 12th.  A big thanks to everyone who read Monday’s post and submitted a nomination.  Every nominee will be receiving  a fun package in the mail with free goodies from Lifeway.  Eeach nomination was truly inspiring…and thanks for (unknowingly) encouraging me with your stories.  The last 24 hours (reviewing submissions) have been very affirming personally, seeing the need for resources like this blog as so many church leaders are working to better include children with special needs.

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  1. Love this and the encouragement it gave me as well! Thanks for sharing the entry, Amy, and thanks for doing videos – it’s fun to hear and see you instead of just reading your words! 🙂

    Kelly, if you ever want to meet up here in NC, let me know ( I’m the Access Ministry coordinator at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, and I’m a volunteer too. My previous church was a small rural one in south Texas where I served as the Ministry Associate for Youth and Music (also as a volunteer), so I understand the dynamics of smaller churches even though I’m at a larger one now. I love working to include families with special needs at our church and helping others to do so. And I’m so excited that you’ll benefit from Amy’s guidance as well as the teaching of others at Lifeway’s conference in a couple months!

  2. thanks so much Shannon!! I sent you an email!! 🙂

  3. HOLLY SHELTON permalink

    This is my Sister..I am so humbled by the woman and mother she is…Kelley has always been my inspiration and the best part about it is…she doesn’t even know just how wonderful she is…She wouldn’t believe it if you told her because all glory goes to God in her eyes…She has survived and overcome so many of her own personal obstacles and been delivered in so many ways that and she continues to thank her Savior for that with her selfless service and by being that yielded vessel..Kelley, i love you and and so honored to by your lil sis…love always HOLLY

  4. Melinda Oldham permalink

    Thanks Amy! I love everything that you do and have referred you to so many people who have contacted me for information about starting their own special needs ministry. Praise God that He has blessed you with so many talents and that you are using them to His glory in ways such as this!! You are truly a gifted, godly woman.

    Shannon and Kelly, I am also in Raleigh at Brooks Avenue Church of Christ and would love to meet and learn from, or share with you both!

  5. Kelley permalink

    I love you too Sis, you are a living miracle if God as well!!!

  6. Thanks so much Melina! I added you on facebook..would love to get to know you!!

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