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2012 Orange Conference & Win a FREE Audio Access Card from the 2011 OC

September 22, 2011

Since the 5th grade I’ve been volunteering in children’s ministry.  I’m a staff kid (my dad is a senior pastor) and that’s just what staff kids do.  But my first  volunteer gig as an adult was at North Point Community Church (Atlanta, GA) in 1999.  By 2000, I was the lead teacher or  “class coach” for one of the first grade “UpStreet” classes.  At that time, Reggie Joiner was the pastor over North Point’s children’s ministry.  I served in children’s ministry for a couple more years at North Point and then I experienced a number of changes in my life including getting married, having a baby, and moving two times. A decade later I lived in a different part of Atlanta and was active in a different Church.  In early 2010 and about the same time I launched this blog a friend of mine from Texas called me and asked “Are you going to the Orange Conference?”  I had never heard of any such conference, certainly not one identified by a color.  After learning more about the Orange Conference and that this was what Reggie Joiner was doing these days (in addition to authoring books, writing curriculum, and leading camps), I signed up to volunteer so that I could attend the event.

Attending the 2010 Orange Conference has been the single most meaningful experience I’ve had since I started writing on subjects associated with children’s ministry.  This past year, I was honored to be a part of the planning for OC11’s special needs breakouts, including leading two sessions myself.  But honestly, it was the connections I developed as a conference participant and volunteer back  in 2010, from which I still reap the daily rewards. Without knowing it, this blog’s readers have benefited from those original OC connections because I often turn to those friends to answer reader questions or generate new ideas.

Here’s what I love about the Orange Conference: the culture of this event is to promote interaction.  The idea is that by creating connections you will leave the conference with a “Rolodex” full of new resources – people – to call on when you need inspiration or solutions for your own ministry.  The icing on the cake (and it’s a big “icing on the cake”) are the main session speakers and the music.  Most ministry leaders and volunteers miss out on weekend worship.  The big sessions at OC are designed to provide that shot of spiritual rejuvenation so many kidmin leaders forego each week in order to oversee their ministry.  And the workshops are solid (at least I hope so — because I’m partially responsible for the special needs breakouts!)  But the conference is really about building the personal relationships that you can carry forward via interactions through blogs, Skype, emails, and texts.  While technology is wonderful, the annual face time we get at the Orange Conference is invaluable.

Wanna win a FREE “taste” of the 2011 Orange Conference?  Go to The Inclusive Church’s Facebook page and look for the status update “Win a FREE Upload Access Card from the 2011 Orange Conference“.  Leave a comment and we’ll draw a winner from the Thursday comments and then again from Friday comments.  The winners will receive a $90 card that allows you to download audio for 5 Pre-Con/Conference Workshops + all the main sessions.

The Orange Conference FAQ’s

What is The Orange Conference?  OC is premiere gathering for church leaders in family ministry (preschool, children’s, student and senior leadership). There were nearly 5,000 people at OC11 from all over the world.

When is The Orange Conference 2012?  April 25-27, 2012

Where is OC12?  The Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA (a suburb of Atlanta)

Where can I get more information?

When does registration open?  Thursday, September 22, 2011 **TODAY**

Are there any perks to registering on opening day?  Yes. Please refer to for the latest on offers and promotions.

What is the theme for OC12?  Game changers

Why should I attend OC12?  We’ve designed the conference for entire family ministry teams. We encourage you to not only bring your department, but all interested in a complete strategy for the church. Our offerings touch on subject matter for volunteers, preschool ministers, children’s ministers, student and college ministers as well as senior leadership. Everyone has a place at The Orange Conference.

Who’s speaking at OC12?  Here’s who’s signed on so far, with dozens more to come over the next few months:

Reggie Joiner, founder of Orange

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church

Craig Groeschel, Founding and Senior Pastor of

Lanny Donoho, President and Creative Director of BigStuf Productions and BigStuf Camps

Jon Acuff, Author of Quitter, social media specialist at

Mawi Asgedom, Educational innovator, author and founder of Mental Karate

Sue Miller, author of Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week

Joel Manby, President of Herschend Entertainment, featured on Undercover Boss

David Kinnaman, President of Barna Research Group and author of unChristian

Carey Neuiwhof, Lead Pastor of Connexus Community Church

Kara Powell, Executive Director at Fuller Institute and author of Sticky Faith and Deep Justice Journeys

Stuart Hall, Director of Training for XP3

Jared Herd, Creative Director of XP3 Students

What workshops will be offered at OC12?  We are still putting together our list of workshops for 2012. But if you check out the Workshops page on the website, you’ll see our workshop offerings from 2011 to give you a good idea of what’s in store. There is also a spot for you to suggest one! For 2012, we’ll offer four suggested tracks: preschool, children’s, student and senior leadership. Yes, special needs  breakouts/workshops will be offered at OC12!  I will announce the topics and speakers on The Inclusive Church Blog (here) as soon as we have them nailed down.   

Exactly what is Orange?  Orange is a nonprofit organization providing resources and training to help churches maximize their influence on the spiritual growth of the next generation. (Orange is formerly known as The reThink Group.) For more details on Orange and its resources, please visit

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  1. Joanne Alicea won the 0C11 FREE upload Access card yesterday (Thursday). Comment again today (Friday) on the blog’s Facebook page for another chance to win!

  2. oops- totally missed this until I was too late! I think it would be amazing to go to the Orange Conference someday. I’ve heard many good things about it!

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