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Merry Christmas

December 21, 2011

I’ll make a confession:  I do not enjoy decorating my home for Christmas.  Rearranging furniture, lugging storage boxes up from the basement, and carefully placing breakables throughout the house feels exhausting to me.  I’d rather sit snug on my sofa with a Coke Zero nearby and crank out an article on a topic related to my one of my passions (like special needs inclusion).  I’m not naturally gifted in creating a visually appealing space.  As a result, I tend to avoid tasks that require channeling any remnants of interior design ability.   Only this past week (mid December!), after my husband reminded me that we have a child that deserves a fully decorated Christmas tree, did I finish adorning my tree with ornaments.

So my Christmas tree has now been up a few days and my house does finally look like December.  While sitting on my comfy couch this week (writing a couple of articles and with a Coke Zero nearby), I have found my eyes drawn to the beautiful lights on the tree.  It has been in some of these moments that I have realized that I need Christmas.   I need this time of year to remind me of what life is all about.  Without a Savior I lack purpose.  Without His forgiveness I lack eternal life.  And without His daily presence in my life, I lack peace.

To my fellow readers…many of you have a giant heart for both Jesus and for kids with differences.  Your passion for your faith and for disability inclusion drives you to give of yourselves sacrificially (emotionally and physically).  And occasionally those “offerings” come at a price.  It is in those low times that we have to be reminded why we do what we do…for the purpose of giving “Glory to God.”   My prayer for myself and for many of you is that in this Christmas season we will receive a renewed appreciation for the gift of Jesus Christ.  May we all experience a healthy re-charge this Christmas and find the “peace to men on whom His favor rests.”

Christmas Blessings,

Amy Fenton Lee



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  1. Craig permalink

    Merry Christmas Amy! Thank you so much for all you done to help kids with different needs. Looking forward to seeing you in January.

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