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Beeping Easter Eggs

February 14, 2012

Seems appropriate on this day, Valentine’s Day, that we are preparing our children’s ministry for the next holiday, Easter. Danielle Christy, former Children’s Pastor for Mount Hope Christian Center (Burlington, MA), provides today’s guest post.


When I was in High school, one of my friends invited me to volunteer at an Easter egg hunt hosted by the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind. So that children who were visually impaired could participate in the hunt, beeping eggs were used. These sound-emitting eggs would all be turned on and placed near eggs filled with candy. Participants who were blind now had a fun way to follow their senses and experience in the delight of finding Easter eggs.

Recently I served as children’s pastor for my church in Massachusetts. Through our church’s Spectrum Ministry, we serve a number of children with various special needs. In the past one of our ministry participants had autism as an attribute and was also blind. When his family began attending our church and as I prepared for our upcoming Easter egg hunt, I remembered those wonderful beeping eggs. Our church purchased four beeping eggs to have specifically for this participant. We enlisted the help of two volunteers during the hunt to facilitate the hiding and finding of the beeping eggs. The first volunteer-buddy would walk alongside the child as he listened for eggs. The second volunteer would run ahead, find a spot to place the beeping egg (turning the sound “on” at that point), and place candy next to special egg. The eggs were positioned one at a time to make sure other children did not accidentally find what was specially designated for this child.

The egg hunt was a great success for everyone, including a child who may have never before experienced this annual Easter festivity. It was such a joy to know that every child in our church was included on that special day. ~ Danielle Christy

For more about beeping eggs, see this link.

To order Beep Eggs for your church, send an email to

For a similar post, read about Shades Mountain Baptist Church’s (Birmingham, AL) Easter Celebration for children with special needs.


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