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From Orange – Pictures & Notes from Thursday’s Special Needs Track #OC12

April 27, 2012

I hosted all four special needs workshops and taught two myself yesterday, so there wasn’t much downtime to load posts. I will post more “Champion Spotlights” today and probably through this weekend. In the meantime I thought you might enjoy some pictures of our group as well as some other notes and information related to yesterday and today.

Last night we had so many people show up for our networking event that we had to make an impromptu decision and move it to a new location. We know we had at least 50 people show up and we suspect more came late and didn’t know we’d moved to pizza shop down the street in Duluth. We sat out back of this restaurant and for more than 2 hours most everyone took turns asking and answering questions related to special needs ministry. There were some longtime special needs champions who shared how encouraging it was to see so many new faces who were passionate and called to be leaders in the church (local and corporate) for special needs inclusion.

Yesterday I taught two workshops. One was Surviving to Thriving: Teaching Techniques to Engage Different Learners. This is the workshop that we received such good feedback on last year that Orange decided to hire a professional video team and produce it as a for-sale video. Yes…that video is for sale now through the Orange Store. Here are more pictures of the video (including the back cover). I’ll do another post next week with more about the video. But it is broken down into 7 major sections that can be shown separately (each section is under 11 minutes) and as part of a training event to all children’s ministry volunteers. The video gives teaching strategies and ideas for helping with common challenges that show up in the children’s ministry environment when including kids with special needs.

In my second workshop, Leading a Special Needs Inclusion Initiative, my Dad surprised me and showed up in the back of the room (what daughter doesn’t love that?) You all may know (or not) that my father is Gary Fenton and is the Senior Pastor of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. In the meantime, Tom Pounder took fantastic notes in this session and posted them over on his blog,

Meaghan Wall and I will be interviewed about special needs ministry on the live webcast today from 11:45 to 12:20 this morning. Be sure to go to Orange Leaders and watch us!

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