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From Orange: Special Needs Ministry Champion Spotlight – Kristy Moser #OC12

April 27, 2012

Kristy Moser is the Early Childhood Pastor of Crosstown Children’s Ministry at Montgomery Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the past seven years Kristy has been instrumental in establishing a special needs ministry for children and students. In addition, Kristy runs her own blog for parents of children with special needs at The Road Less Traveled Blog.   To learn more about Kristy and her own journey, read the earlier post on this blog, When the Children’s Pastor is Impacted by Special Needs.

AFL:   What’s one thing that you know now that you wish you’d known when you started serving in your church’s special needs ministry?  

KM:  The one thing I know now that I wish I had known when I started serving as staff leader over our special needs ministry is just how hard it is to get to church when you have a child with special needs. Now that I have “walked in their shoes” I now see just how much of a struggle and chore it can be to get out of the house in the morning. I never want to turn another family away from our ministry just because we didn’t know they were coming. They NEED to be in church.

AFL:  Have you had a take-away from the Orange Conference special needs track? 

KM:  On two seperate occasions during the special needs workshops Surviving to Thriving: Techniques for Engaging Different Learners and again during Leading a Special Needs Inclusion InitiativeAmy Fenton Lee talked about the importance of parents’ spiritual nourishment.  While children’s ministry leaders are privileged to minister to children, a big part of our job is to enable the spiritual development of moms and dads.  Several times Amy reminded us that “the parents are the real missionaries inside the family.”   This reminder is significant for special needs ministry servants. One thing that always goes through our minds as special needs champions is “Am I making a difference in this child?” or “Is this child learning and improving?” Going home from Orange my goal is going to be to evaluated on how well I am ministering to the parents in my ministry, not just my kids.

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