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OC13 Free Pass Winner!

September 26, 2012

I have run several conference contests on this blog.  And I’ve never had the response like this one!  Whoa!  Something is going on and churches have people who are begging for the opportunity to develop a special needs ministry.   When I worked with Orange to help me with this contest, we knew we wanted the winner from The Inclusive Church Blog’s readership to have a specific desire to learn from the special needs track at The Orange Conference 2013.  We hoped at least one person would enter who would see their Orange Conference experience as an opportunity to bless and expand the mission of their own church.  And every single entry met that qualification.  Many submissions were from parents of children with special needs.  I love how these moms see their own life experiences as an opportunity for God to work through them and beyond them in order to bring new people to the feet of Jesus.  But then many entries were from church leaders, who like me, aren’t the parent of a child with identified differences.  Every single entry conveyed passion, commitment, and a willingness to be inconvenienced (which is a must in ministry).

So…oh my goodness…at midnight last night when I had finally read through all the entries I felt sick at my stomach.  How in the world would we select a winner?  Every single entry deserves a free ticket.  Some of you sent emails that probably evoked tears as you detailed your personal journey and heart’s desire for a special needs ministry.

The bad news:  I can’t provide every submitted entry a free OC13 pass.

The good news:  Orange leadership decided this morning to provide passes for two winners rather than one.

The better news:  Every single person that submitted an entry will hear from me by midnight tonight (Eastern) via personal email.  I want to help you get to Orange and while we can’t offer a free pass, hopefully we can make it a little easier.  Thank you for heartfelt, beautifully written stories and most importantly your dreams for your church to better include kids with special needs.

Winners of a FREE pass to OC13:

Wanda Donnan from Northern Ireland

Kelsey Eisenhuth from Langley, BC, Canada

Runners-up (who win FREE downloadable audio of OC12 workshops): 

Yoshika Green from Miami, Florida

Melissa Carpenter from White Marsh, Maryland

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  1. Dear Amy. I am Kelsey’s mom and beyond thrilled that you chose her letter. Her brother is now 20 and has autism, ocd and severe anxiety. From the age of three she chose to be her brother’s advocate and “third parent”. This conference will help build on all the life experience she already has in the field of special needs support. I am certain her church and many other churches will benefit greatly from the conference. It is my dream that churches become a haven for families with children who have special needs! Thank you!
    Sheri Eisenhuth

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