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Orange Tour Dallas & Tour of Stonebriar Community Church

August 20, 2013


For anyone registered to attend the Dallas stop of Orange Tour, we have a special treat! Orange has made arrangements with Stonebriar Community Church for up to 30 people to receive a guided tour of the church’s Special Needs Ministry space.  On Thursday afternoon, November 7th, Meaghan Wall will host a one-hour tour, walking guests through the specially designed environment and providing an overview of the GIFT Ministry.  There is no additional charge for this church tour experience.  However, in order to make this a worthwhile experience, we’ve set up the following guidelines:

  • GIFT Ministry tour spots will be provided to those who RSVP on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a maximum of 30 total tour participants.
  • Orange Tour registrants who are church leaders and volunteers will be given priority to participate in the GIFT tour through October 22nd.  If space remains, GIFT tour spots will be opened to others on October 23rd.
  • The GIFT tour will be broken into two groups of fifteen (15) people.  After you RSVP, you will be emailed an assigned GIFT tour time with more information.  The first tour will begin at 3:30pm and the second tour at 4:30pm.
  • As soon as your assigned tour is over, come join us at the nearby Spring Creek Barbecue.  I’ll be hanging out at the BBQ place (along with some of my favorite Dallas-area special needs ministry leaders) from 4:30pm – 7:00pm.  Anyone is welcome to join us during this networking time.
  • To reserve your spot for the Stonebriar Community Church GIFT tour, please email

ImageMany of you may remember the popular series of posts two years ago, offering a visual tour of Stonebriar Community Church’s SpNMin space. Since those pictures were posted, some areas of the GIFT environment have been updated.

There are a number of hotels in this area close to both Stonebriar Community Church and the next day’s Orange Tour site, Preston Trail Community Church.  The two churches are only four (4) miles apart.

One last thing!  The $49 special for Orange Tour registration ends tomorrow night at midnight.  Through August 21stuse the code OT13SPNEEDS49 at checkout to receive the discounted pricing.  

For more information about the 2013 Orange Tour, see the following links: Locations | Pricing |  One-Day Schedule |  Registration

To learn more about Stonebriar Community Church’s Special Needs Ministry, see these posts:
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Visual Tour of the GIFT Ministry Space

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