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Special Needs Ministry: An Interview with Meaghan Wall

Earlier this month Colleen Swindoll Thompson interviewed Meaghan Wall on Insight for Living’s Special Needs Blog. The interview video is simply too good not to share. Many of you know Meaghan from this blog or her Orange Conference workshops. Meaghan is the Pastoral Leader for Special Needs at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. This video is helpful for students pursuing the career path of a special needs ministry leader or for churches on the hunt to hire the right person. And Parents, this interview gives great guidance on navigating the sometimes difficult church conversations. (Parents, be encouraged! I receive more emails than I can respond to from students who want to become special needs ministry leaders and from churches who are looking to hire for this role.)


In this one-hour interview, Colleen asks Meaghan:

  1. How did you first get involved with special needs ministry?
  2. After serving with Easter Seals, did your direction change?
  3. After your work at the residential home, how did you end up at Stonebriar Community Church?
  4. The statistics on caregiving stress, health, faith, and finances are astounding. What are the needs of caregivers?
  5. What direction and advice do you have for parents and caregivers of any age about working in harmony with the church and with others?
  6. There is a lot of animosity between parents and caregivers and those in the church. What advice can you offer people in the church to better connect and work together with those in need?
  7. Can a church of any size help those with special needs?
  8. Biters, kickers, runners, and strippers . . . how do you handle symptomatic and safety issues, and are there places to go for learning how to deal with these issues?
  9. What resources have helped prepare you for special needs ministry?


To read Colleen’s post and watch the video interview, click here.

Meaghan’s workshops at the upcoming Orange Conference:
Navigating Behavior Challenges
Leading Teen Volunteers 

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