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Video & Pictures from Orange #OC12

May 1, 2012

During the conference Orange Leaders hosted a live webcast interviewing the main stage speakers and many of the workshop presenters.  Jared Herd did a great job of entertaining and educating the live online audience.  Meaghan Wall and I had fun sharing about  special needs ministry during a 25 minutes of the live cast.  Tony Kummer with was kind enough to capture the interview on tape.  I talk a little about the new Surviving to Thriving Volunteer Training DVD  and Meaghan shares some best practices for volunteer recruitment and training.  Meaghan’s part of the interview was outstanding!

Below are some pictures I thought you might enjoy from our OC12 experience:

Reggie Joiner called a staff meeting just minutes before we opened registration on Tuesday evening.  Reggie is a gifted leader both on the main stage and with the Orange Team.  The room was full of excitement as we received last minute instruction and prepared to meet 5021 conference registrants!

The Orange staff ordered 50 pins for me to pass out to special needs ministry leaders.  Woo-hoo, we ran out!  I apologize to those of you who wanted one and didn’t get one.  We wore these through the conference to help engage other family ministry leaders and talk about special needs inclusion.

While Meaghan Wall was teaching her workshop on using iPads in special needs ministry….

….I was on the floor at the back of the room (near an electrical outlet) uploading notes for blog posts.

I wanted to show a picture of this booth because I mentioned the Creative Board product in my “Surviving to Thriving” workshop and I showed it’s use in the actual Surviving to Thriving Volunteer Training DVD.  You can’t see it well in this picture, but there is a covered board on the floor and positioned against the screen showing Ted Lowe’s picture.  We used this creative board when we showed the use of Visual Schedules in the DVD.  I recommend this product for use in classrooms!

I also wanted to show a picture and mention Momentum Media.  Cory Richmond provided all the signage throughout the Convention Center and the Arena during the Orange Conference.  He also produces signage and visual art for churches.  He is great at developing visuals to match Orange curriculum.  Cory does amazing work and and I would be remiss not to mention the fact he works on ridiculously short notice.  Fun Fact:  Cory is married to Yancy!

This is a picture of the main stage in the arena just before we started the session where Denise Briley was presented an Orange Award.

We took this picture late Friday evening after the conference was over and after sharing a celebratory meal.  From left to right:  Denise Briley of Houston’s First Baptist and Thru the Roof Ministry, Meaghan Wall of Stonebriar Community Church, and me (Amy Fenton Lee).

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